in the centre of China is a mountainous province with high altitudes and sacred mountains for both Buddhism and Taoism.

Snowflake on Green Lake


province is to be found in the far southwest of China in a mesmerizingly beautiful mountainous area.

Yunnan Golden Snail, Daughter’s Ring, Jade Snail, Moonlight, Aged Royal Ripe Pu Erh (2007), Snow Mountain Raw Pu Erh (2007), Mini Rose Raw Pu Erh Squares, Mini Ripe Pu Erh Tuocha


is a for the most part mountainous area situated in the south of China with a short coastal line along the Tonkin Gulf. Its climate is sub tropical.

Aged Liu Bao (2007)


a southern Chinese coastal province, better known in Europe as Canton. It has a sub tropical climate.

Phoenix Oolong


is situated in the Eastern part of in the coastal area of the Yellow Sea. The famous Yangtzekiang river runs through the southern part. Lacking in height is compensated by water with China’s fourth biggest fresh water lake.

Pi Luo Chun


is an island in the East Chinese Sea east of Mainland China. A mountain ridge crosses the country from north to south, with its highest peaks at 4000 m altitude. Because of the heavy rains Taiwan has many rivers.

Oriental Beauty


holds superior natural conditions for growing tea; warm and humid. This province harbours well known tea areas such as Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Qimen. Here too flows the Yangtzekiang.

Keemun Golden Bud, Keemun Mao Feng, Taiping Houkui, Huangshan Mao Feng, Huoshan Yellow Bud, Keemun Peony, Green Peony, Display Tea Jasmine Basket, White Chrysanthemue Bud, Wild Chrysanthemum Flower


is an eastern coastal province of China and has a moderate sea climate with dry winters and an average temperature of more than 3 degrees Celsius in the coldest month. The numerous mountains make it one of the most inhospitable but also most beautiful provinces.

China Longjing, Gunpowder


in the south east of China Harbours some of the most important tea areas like Mount Wuyi. It has a year-round warm and humid climate and is famous for its amazing landscapes.

Smoked Lapsang Souchong, Sliver Needle, White Peony, Classy Da Hong Pao Rock Tea, Old Tree Shuixian Rock Tea, Wuyi Mountain Cassia Rock Tea, Ti Guan Yin, Jasmine Silver Needle, Jasmine Dragon Pearls